The wide range of services we provide guarantee the successful project delivery within the budget and the given timeframe to the satisfaction of each our client.

Project and construction management

Our core services in consultancy are project and programme management; design management, technical supervision, cost consultancy; contract and claim management, Fit Out management, tenant coordination.These services are enhanced by a range of specialist services of strategic advisory, Project Development, Project Finance advisory, to name but a few. Since we started our professional careers our service lines have developed alongside our clients’ needs and often on the back of a specific request for us to introduce new services or enter new markets. Some of our clients want a single service, whilst others want to appoint us for an integrated service – or a turnkey solution. L37 offers qualified project and construction management consultancy services to clients who do not have their own project management team or need to expand their team. In the role of project manager, we act on behalf of the client to hire architects, engineers and contractors who design and construct the clients’ buildings and facilities.

L37 manages the project in relation to quality, time and financial goals. As construction managers we can lead the entire construction work including all coordination, logistics, communication, quality and regulation all the way to inspection and hand-over.


Development Management

Development is an integral part of our wider business and is a natural fit with the work we do across the full property lifecycle. As a development business, our skills range from deal origination, land acquisition, securing planning, raising project finance and procuring teams whose combined experience help deliver financial sound schemes, and consistent double digit investor performance.

We have built a bespoke network of local consultants and market specialists that give us a better perspective on what the best open and off-market prospects are. In addition to managing our own development portfolio, we are development manager/partner for landowners in both the public and private sectors across SEE.

We have initiated and delivered landmark projects from hotels to mixed-use developments, shopping malls, to commercial offices, motorways, wind farms, industrial facilities etc


Pre-Construction Management Services

Project Brief, Design, Design services Tender, Design management, Cost Planning, Tender Packages, Local and Statutory Authorities, Strategic Planning, Smart Procurement, Site Logistics.

Project and Construction Management Services

Project and Construction Management, Programme Management, Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC), Document control, Project Records.

Cost Management Services

Contract management, Change order Management, Project Accounting.

Technical Supervision of Construction Services

Technical supervision on-site all-in accordance with official law on construction.

Lender’s Supervision of Construction Services

Additional control function in relation to protect the interests of the Lender through professional, independent, impartial and compliant with the Law performing of the service, which covers the critical points in the implementation of the construction process from a financial and material aspect, applying appropriate modern methods of control and regular periodic reporting on the degree of the implementation, monitoring of the planned dynamics and financing of the facility.

Tenant Coordination

Taking care of Tenants and Landlord requirements.

Ensuring successful project delivery

L37 believes efficient communication with owners, end-users, authorities, designers, entrepreneurs and developers is critical to a successful project.

Ensuring successful project delivery

With extensive experience working with all stakeholders in a project and by combining the in-depth knowledge from our wide-ranging disciplines we can ensure that the project is successful not only to the client but also the end-user and other stakeholders. Our approach is to clearly understand the client’s needs and define the project goals together at an early stage. This enables us to work efficiently throughout the project whilst giving the client confidence that the project will be a success.

Health & Safety

We take Health & Safety seriously. It’s all about being proactive and stopping an accident before it happens...

Health & Safety

We take Health & Safety seriously. It’s all about being proactive and stopping an accident before it happens - doing something about it.Through dialogue, visibility and nudging we have decreased the number of accidents considerably and also close encounters on construction sites have fallen.